Friday, December 21, 2012
I'm a little in love with this sofa .....

.... and all the light shades
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The Ghosts of Christmas Past

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Ghosts of Christmas Past

Without even closing my eyes, I can see him.  Coming up my walk on a bitterly cold night in late December - a tweed cap on his head, a huge grin on his face and an emerald green box in his hand.  My Father.  So excited to show me the new watch he’d bought my Mother for Christmas that he completely ignored the extravagant light display The Songwriter had just created on the giant fir tree by the front door.  He returns to me every year.  In his favourite red sweater he sits at my table once again.  I see him sneaking fudge, shaking his presents, just as clear as day.

  My father loved Christmas and, happily, he passed that love on to me, along with his optimistic spirit, his fear of snakes and his crooked nose.  Always close by my side most days of the year, his spirit looms large during the festive season.  I see him as he was when I was little, struggling to put up the tree I’d once again wheedled him into purchasing even though he knew full well it was too tall for our room.  There he is, trying to stifle a yawn as I tear through Santa’s generous array of gifts when I’ve awakened him before dawn on Christmas morning.  And I see him fighting to appear strong and business-as-usual the December he died, now five years past.  Yes, all these ghosts of my father are present in my life, especially during this most evocative of seasons, and I have learned to welcome them all.

Understandably, it is an English tradition to tell ghost stories at Christmas.  Perhaps it is the holiness of these days that causes the veil to occasionally blow back in the icy wind, revealing those from times past in a clearer, almost tangible, light.  As we carefully unwrap treasured ornaments and baubles from years long ago, we hear their voices on the stair.  We bring out a family recipe and glimpse them laughing in the corners, steaming mugs of mulled wine in their hands.  Even though she’s been gone for years, we still see the Aunt who used to call out, “Christmas Gift”, when she came through the door with her arms full of presents.  We see the taciturn Uncle who sat through the festivities with nary a comment nor reaction save a slight, bemused smile.  We remember the year the Christmas tree fell.  The one when Mother dropped all the ornaments, shattering each and every trinket and geegaw to smithereens.  We recall the festive Christmas lunch with a friend who never looked handsomer than he did on that day and we still marvel that we lost him only one short year later.  But there he is once again, sitting at our fireside, the glow of the Christmas lights reflected in his laughing eyes.  

 One cannot live long without sorrow.  And though the ghosts at my table this Christmas mostly bring good cheer and happy memory along with them, their presence is frequently tinged with that harsh reality of life.   Forever now, there will be such visitations in Connecticut at Christmas.   Tiny, sweet spirits who shall remain continually innocent and smiling but whose presence will for years bring tears and unbearable grief to those who loved them so.  As I sit by my glowing tree tonight, surrounded by the spirits of my own past, my heart is heavy for those families destined for similar visitations through the rest of their days.  They shall never escape them, nor, I suppose, would they wish to.

  So much in our lives cannot be explained, no matter how hard we might try, and to even attempt to give reason or cause to the obscene tragedy of last Friday is to diminish it in a shameful way.  It is beyond any human comprehension.  Those who have said it is a punishment from God do not know the same God as I and should never, in my opinion, utter another word.  My prayers are all I have to offer tonight and I offer them up in a fervent wish for comfort and peace to the brokenhearted in this season of ultimate hope.

“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, 
Love leaves a memory no one can steal”.
From a Headstone in Ireland


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Wednesday, December 19, 2012
We had an early family Christmas dinner with my dad last night ....
it was such a beautiful summer evening  ....

  ..... we ate lots of yummy food, lit candles and sat out here well into the night.
 (I always forget to take photos of the food or the nights proceedings once everyone arrives, too busy talking eating and drinking, which I suppose is the mark of a good night !!!)



Tuesday, December 18, 2012
 We called into this shop on the way home on Sunday .....
 we parked in a side street and walked there ....
loved this sign ....

 this wall ....

..... and this cat,
oh and we bought a very nice pair stools !!!


Sunday, December 16, 2012
We stayed in Sydney on Saturday night ...
I couldn't sleep in so I went for a nice early stroll on
 Sunday morning  .....
I love it when the streets are quite and calm ....
(although I did walk past quite a few bars and quite a few people who were still in full partying Saturday night mode !!!)

A corner cafe .....

a little fellow stroller .....

the perfect rusty fence ......

a very nice apartment block .....

through the window of a beautiful pop up florist on
 Darlinghurst Road ....

..... and a little Christmas Elf.
A very nice stroll indeed ....
Hope you had a good weekend

Come Join Us

If you are in the Atlanta area this afternoon, 
Edward and I will be doing a book signing at
“Purveyors of Imaginative 
and Beautiful Things”
December 16th
From 2pm till 4pm
It’s even rumoured that Apple will be there as well!
Come Join Us!
3226 Roswell Road

And today is the last day we can guarantee shipping before Christmas!
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Christmas Book Shopping List... Final Chapter

Friday, December 14, 2012

Books for Your Friend Who Loves to Entertain
Sometimes her dinner invitations arrive engraved and gilded. 
Sometimes they come via text, impromptu and spontaneous.
 Occasionally you’re asked to come in costume, occasionally in heels. 
Once, for a holiday breakfast, everyone came in pajamas. 
She is a spunky, adventurous cook and every meal at her table is a festive one.  
She will adore these books.

British Cooking 
by Jamie Oliver
Why is it that I can never make a cup of tea as delicious as the ones I get in the UK?
I’ll never make fish and chips like the Rock and Sole Place in London or Cullen Skink like the incredible bowl I had at Loch Bay Seafood.  And although I make a delectable shortbread every holiday season, I know without doubt that it will never equal the plateful served to me on a raw, windy afternoon at The Torridon in Scotland. 
 But maybe, just maybe, this book can provide some hints!

Entertaining is Fun
by Dorothy Draper
Such a fabulous book by a legendary designer!
A must have.

Elizabeth David’s Christmas
from The Folio Society
Simply a gorgeous book.
A beautiful gift.

The Vintage Tea Party Book
by Angel Adoree
I'm crazy about this lovely, happy book!


Your Best Friends Who Love Books of All Kinds
You meet them for coffee on Saturday mornings and they’re always easy to spot from the doorway. Surrounded by sacks of new books, eyes bright, you know they’ve already been to the bookshops.  Dinner conversation at their house revolves around what they’ve just read.  Fiction and non, fantasy and crime.  They ask strangers what they’re reading and have been known to turn House Beautiful sideways to better read the titles in photographed bookshelves.  They are charismatic and curious and you revel in their company. Knowing how they love books of all types, they will adore these three selections!
My Ideal Bookshelf
by Jane Mount
Artist Jane Mount paints the ideal bookshelves of readers
 as varied as Alice Waters and David Sedaris.  
A wonderful idea, wonderfully executed.

My Bookstore
Writers Celebrate Their Favorite Places to Browse, Read, and Shop
Edited by Ronald Rice and the Booksellers Across America
I recently spent some time in Seaside Florida’s marvelous Sundog Books.
Creaky wooden floors, open windows, stacks and stacks of artfully arranged books.
It was a delight. 
 I cannot wait to read the writers in this new book
 talk about their own favourite bookshops!  

American Writers at Home
by J.D. McClatchy
One of my personal favourites.
And a wonderful gift for anyone who loves books and writers.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012
 I'm a little in love with Maddie the hound ....

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A Fun List of Gifts Galore

Before it’s too late....a List of Gifts Galore!
For everyone, including ourselves.
Some are even free to enjoy right now
1. A Special Calendar
I’ve always loved the artwork of blogger, and fellow dog lover, Susan Black,
and I’m thrilled to see she has incorporated her talents 
into a gorgeous new calendar for 2013!
Find it HERE.
and go say hello at her blog, HERE.

2. Cashmere Sweaters
Can a girl ever have too many? 
I love these. 
Find them HERE

3. Thermos 
What fellow wouldn’t love this? 
There's also a great kit bag in this same print. 
Find them HERE

4. Bear Rug 
Now, I’ve never seen the charm of having dead animals as part of my decor, 
but I do find this bear shaped oriental rug whimsical and charming. 
It would be delightful in a library, don’t you think? 
Find it HERE

5. Owl
Large and so, so soft, this stuffed owl captured my heart when I saw it last week.
Wouldn't this be the perfect guardian for some lucky child's bedroom?
Find it HERE 

6. All Creatures Great and Small
When we first married, The Songwriter and I had a Sunday evening ritual we never dared to break. We would order up a pizza from a favourite spot and eat it in front of the television as we watched reruns of All Creatures Great and Small on Public Television. Such simple, beautiful stories that never lose their charm. 
 We still watch the Christmas episode every Christmas Eve.
 Anyone would love a boxed set.
Find it HERE

7. Bo
Edward, Apple and I are besotted with this handsome fellow.
Our "First Dog", Bo, is featured on the White House Christmas Card this year.
That's it above.
Just charming. 

8. Christmas Stories
This book should be bedside in every guest room this festive season.
Lovely book, lovely stories.
Makes a lovely gift.
Find it HERE.

9. Edward?
I don't know about you, but I did a double take passing by this shop window last week. 
This big white furry fellow looked very familiar to me.
How about you?

10. A Free Smile 
Finally, this is just the best thing I've seen all day long!
It pretty much sums up my entire life philosophy.
Be sure to watch it full screen.
Happy Holidays!! 

Stay Tuned!
The last chapter of the book list coming at the end of the week! 

And only a few more days to order 
From The House of Edward before Christmas! 
Find it HERE