Christmas Book Shopping List... Final Chapter

Friday, December 14, 2012

Books for Your Friend Who Loves to Entertain
Sometimes her dinner invitations arrive engraved and gilded. 
Sometimes they come via text, impromptu and spontaneous.
 Occasionally you’re asked to come in costume, occasionally in heels. 
Once, for a holiday breakfast, everyone came in pajamas. 
She is a spunky, adventurous cook and every meal at her table is a festive one.  
She will adore these books.

British Cooking 
by Jamie Oliver
Why is it that I can never make a cup of tea as delicious as the ones I get in the UK?
I’ll never make fish and chips like the Rock and Sole Place in London or Cullen Skink like the incredible bowl I had at Loch Bay Seafood.  And although I make a delectable shortbread every holiday season, I know without doubt that it will never equal the plateful served to me on a raw, windy afternoon at The Torridon in Scotland. 
 But maybe, just maybe, this book can provide some hints!

Entertaining is Fun
by Dorothy Draper
Such a fabulous book by a legendary designer!
A must have.

Elizabeth David’s Christmas
from The Folio Society
Simply a gorgeous book.
A beautiful gift.

The Vintage Tea Party Book
by Angel Adoree
I'm crazy about this lovely, happy book!


Your Best Friends Who Love Books of All Kinds
You meet them for coffee on Saturday mornings and they’re always easy to spot from the doorway. Surrounded by sacks of new books, eyes bright, you know they’ve already been to the bookshops.  Dinner conversation at their house revolves around what they’ve just read.  Fiction and non, fantasy and crime.  They ask strangers what they’re reading and have been known to turn House Beautiful sideways to better read the titles in photographed bookshelves.  They are charismatic and curious and you revel in their company. Knowing how they love books of all types, they will adore these three selections!
My Ideal Bookshelf
by Jane Mount
Artist Jane Mount paints the ideal bookshelves of readers
 as varied as Alice Waters and David Sedaris.  
A wonderful idea, wonderfully executed.

My Bookstore
Writers Celebrate Their Favorite Places to Browse, Read, and Shop
Edited by Ronald Rice and the Booksellers Across America
I recently spent some time in Seaside Florida’s marvelous Sundog Books.
Creaky wooden floors, open windows, stacks and stacks of artfully arranged books.
It was a delight. 
 I cannot wait to read the writers in this new book
 talk about their own favourite bookshops!  

American Writers at Home
by J.D. McClatchy
One of my personal favourites.
And a wonderful gift for anyone who loves books and writers.