Wednesday, August 31, 2011 love this temporary sculpture by artist Florentijn Hofman in ├Ârebro, Sweden so much .....
It's constructed with the help of 25 local volunteers from locally manufactured shingles and wooden armature and depicts a giant plush rabbit that has been seemingly dropped into the center of the Swedish plaza.

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 You may remember this post .... 
well I have finally got some things ready for my ebay sale ....
I will be putting these items up for sale tomorrow night (Thursday night) ...
just thought I would give you a little preview ....

.... my ebay link will be 16housefleamarket
I'm going to try and post some new items every few days, lots of bits and pieces and the odd furniture item, so keep your eye out for some bargains !!!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Can't get enough of this site .... (you may remember here ) here's some more favorites from the streets of beautiful Barcelona !!!

Edward, Under Pegasus

Monday, August 29, 2011

Edward, Under Pegasus

Midnight came on the heels of an eerie day when the earth shuddered and quaked, cracking nature’s molds like the thunder of Lear and pushing angels off the roof of the National Cathedral. Pegasus cantered across a moonlit sky to take up his autumnal position to the east of a swan while under the trees of the garden, in a nest of shadows, the big dog sat listening, then suddenly turning in a bolt for the door. Crashing through the mudroom, barreling down the hall, he leapt onto the bed with a thump of white fur. He ignored his usual spot at the lady’s feet and made his way up the blanketed bed to sit squarely in front of her face. She peered up over her book.
Edward?”, she asked.
The big dog stared.
The lady looked over at the man to see if he was noticing this most unusual behaviour.
He was.
Maybe he needs to go out?”, he asked.
He just came back in”, she replied.
And still the big white dog sat staring at the lady, a look of worry in his almond eyes.
I’ll go out with him”, the man said, and with a barely audible sigh, he put down his book and threw back the covers.
He opened the door to the garden and the big white dog followed him out into the night.
The lady waited.
Soon they both returned, the man shaking his head.
“I don’t know what’s the matter with him, but whatever it is, the owls seem to share it. You should hear them. They’re all out there calling - barred owls, screech owls, great horned. It’s odd.”
The big white dog nodded, wishing not for the first time for the great gift of speech.
He jumped right back up to lie squarely between the man and the lady, eventually falling asleep with his head across the man’s chest.
And the owls called out for hours.


Over breakfast the next morning, the lady and man learned that the earthquake of the previous day had produced an aftershock at precisely the same moment of Edward’s strange behaviour.
Though far away from the epicenter of this event, he knew it was happening.
And so did the owls.
Such is the inherent symbiosis shared between animals and nature, a connection that one would assume, with their supposed elevated state, human beings would share.
But do not.


We took out our internal windows today ....
it's something we have been going to do forever ...
years ago, before we extended they were actual windows looking onto an old deck .... with the french doors you can see as the doorway.
We moved the doors to the new room but always kept the windows because I liked it that way, but it was time for a change and a bit more space ....

this is just before the glass went ....
there are a few shots of the old look on this post .....

 and this is after .....

 .... we have a bit of filling and painting to do now, but I think I like it better ....
(well it's a bit late now if I don't)
 at least I won't have to clean the glass anymore, 
little visiting fingers loved it !!!


Sunday, August 28, 2011
I really like these two spaces ....

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Friday, August 26, 2011
 No "Friday Favorites" today (it's been a busy week) ....
but I will leave you with this puppy pic, (unfortunately he is not mine) but isn't he the cutest thing .... 
that face, those paws and those floppy little ears, I think I'm in love !!!
pic via here

To Be A Girl

Thursday, August 25, 2011

To Be A Girl

Dessert had been served and the talk around the lunch table had turned to children. I listened in rapt attention as mothers of little girls clued me in to the changing times.
“Kitten heels are everywhere, even for five year olds!”
“Oh, they wear makeup at eleven and twelve now, sometimes younger, where have you been?!”
“Oh yes, they’re dyeing their hair before they’re teenagers.”
“Don’t look so shocked!”

That last comment was directly squarely at me and, I suppose, justifiably so. I didn’t say much. After all, parenting a big white sheepdog doesn’t exactly qualify me to speak to the pressures of bringing up a little girl in the age of such paragons of good taste as Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus, especially when my own role models had been the likes of Hayley Mills and Liesl von Trapp. It did cross my mind, however, that the job of raising a well-adjusted girl in the world we know today has to be incredibly difficult. For instance, the model for Mui Mui this fall is fourteen year old actress Hailee Steinfeld. The French company Jour Apres Lunes has just come out with a line of lingerie for little girls, complete with an ad campaign that would be comical if it wasn’t so disturbing. How are little girls supposed to digest these images?

Let’s face it, ever since Eve succumbed to a craving for apples, growing up female has not been an easy path to negotiate. Our current culture requests women to be beautiful and smart, maternal and ambitious, wasp-waisted and healthy, open and circumspect. If we don’t cry when we’re supposed to, we’re cold. If we cry when we shouldn’t, we’re emotional. And that’s all before we start to age. God help us then. One crow’s foot and and we’re expected to immediately inject eau de botulism straight into our faces. It’s a lot to deal with for a woman, impossible for a child.

I left the luncheon that afternoon feeling grateful for my childhood. Looking back, I can’t remember ever feeling pressure over my appearance when I was little. If my dress didn’t quite cover up my skinned knee, well so be it. All my girlfriends had skinned knees and besides, our thoughts were elsewhere. We were busy pretending to be spies, or pirates. We loved ghost stories and horses. And dogs. How we loved dogs! We watched The Wonderful World of Color every Sunday night. We wondered what sat at the end of a rainbow. When I was little, makeup was something we wore on Halloween to make us look scary. (And, funnily enough, it still frightens me to see it on the faces of girls far too young.) It was years before I realized how much emphasis society would place on my appearance and I am forever grateful for a childhood that gave me valuable time to discover my true self before that realization occurred.

It seems worthwhile to consider ways in which we can prevent little girls from allowing their mirrors to reflect their self-worth. For when the image that they see begins to change with time, will they even recognize the woman who looks back at them then? Will they see someone witty, someone kind - a woman with so many interests and passions in life that she laughs right out loud with joy at her options? Or will they waste the rest of their days in futile attempts to regain the face of their youth?

I recently read a wonderfully wise article by Lisa Bloom entitled How To Talk To Little Girls in which she discusses the vital importance of relating to girls in ways that have nothing to do with their appearance. I found it both charming and enlightening. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Image above pilfered from the lovely blog Castles, Crowns and Cottages


I really want some indoor plants !!!
via here
thanks Greer


Wednesday, August 24, 2011
I wouldn't mind having a Sunday lunch with Fergus and Margot Henderson at their home in Covent Garden ... apparently they are pretty fun gatherings and I'm sure
wonderful food would be guaranteed !!!


I wish there were more photos of their home, it looks really interesting (loving all those white brick walls) .....


    and I've always loved the aesthetics of
.... so quintessentially London !!!

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