Christmas Book List... Part 2

Friday, December 7, 2012

Books to Delight Your Niece 
  She inherited your blue eyes, your direct stare and, unfortunately, your stubbornness. 
And she’s always followed your lead.   If you eat the green beans, then she’ll go ahead and eat them, too.  She’s learned to tie a scarf round her neck just like you and refuses to wear the colour red because you never do.  You’ve read to her since she was born and she loves to talk about books - her eyes light up when she tells you what she’s reading.
You can’t wait till she opens these on Christmas morning.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
by William Joyce

This Moose Belongs to Me
by Oliver Jeffers

The Illustrated Treasury of Fairy Tales
One can never have too many editions of fairy tales, 
and this one is simply exquisite.


Books for Your Studious Nephew
You took him with you to see Spielberg’s Lincoln, and you’ve never seen a boy so enthralled. 
He’s read the New York Times editorial page before anyone else is up and he argues with you
 over the sartorial accuracy of Downton Abbey. 
He is a boy who likes to be challenged and you cannot believe how quickly he’s grown up,
 even though he still occasionally behaves like a bit of a brat.  
Now which one of these for him?

Team of Rivals
by Doris Kearns Goodwin
Just brilliant.

A Train in Winter
by Caroline Moorehead
Stories of the brave women in the French Resistance of WWII.
Because history was not written only by men.

David Sedaris 
Live at Carnegie Hall
Because one cannot be serious all the time or one will get a headache.
And because The Songwriter and I actually ran off a beach highway laughing
 the first time we heard this.

More to Come.....

Last shipping date before Christmas for this one?
December 15th!