A Fun List of Gifts Galore

Wednesday, December 12, 2012
Before it’s too late....a List of Gifts Galore!
For everyone, including ourselves.
Some are even free to enjoy right now
1. A Special Calendar
I’ve always loved the artwork of blogger, and fellow dog lover, Susan Black,
and I’m thrilled to see she has incorporated her talents 
into a gorgeous new calendar for 2013!
Find it HERE.
and go say hello at her blog, HERE.

2. Cashmere Sweaters
Can a girl ever have too many? 
I love these. 
Find them HERE

3. Thermos 
What fellow wouldn’t love this? 
There's also a great kit bag in this same print. 
Find them HERE

4. Bear Rug 
Now, I’ve never seen the charm of having dead animals as part of my decor, 
but I do find this bear shaped oriental rug whimsical and charming. 
It would be delightful in a library, don’t you think? 
Find it HERE

5. Owl
Large and so, so soft, this stuffed owl captured my heart when I saw it last week.
Wouldn't this be the perfect guardian for some lucky child's bedroom?
Find it HERE 

6. All Creatures Great and Small
When we first married, The Songwriter and I had a Sunday evening ritual we never dared to break. We would order up a pizza from a favourite spot and eat it in front of the television as we watched reruns of All Creatures Great and Small on Public Television. Such simple, beautiful stories that never lose their charm. 
 We still watch the Christmas episode every Christmas Eve.
 Anyone would love a boxed set.
Find it HERE

7. Bo
Edward, Apple and I are besotted with this handsome fellow.
Our "First Dog", Bo, is featured on the White House Christmas Card this year.
That's it above.
Just charming. 

8. Christmas Stories
This book should be bedside in every guest room this festive season.
Lovely book, lovely stories.
Makes a lovely gift.
Find it HERE.

9. Edward?
I don't know about you, but I did a double take passing by this shop window last week. 
This big white furry fellow looked very familiar to me.
How about you?

10. A Free Smile 
Finally, this is just the best thing I've seen all day long!
It pretty much sums up my entire life philosophy.
Be sure to watch it full screen.
Happy Holidays!! 

Stay Tuned!
The last chapter of the book list coming at the end of the week! 

And only a few more days to order 
From The House of Edward before Christmas! 
Find it HERE