Sunday, July 31, 2011
 After a lot of rainy days lately (and I mean a LOT)  it was so nice to see the sun shine for the entire weekend ....

 I had some friends over for lunch on Saturday ....
It was so nice to be able to sit on the deck instead of inside .....

  Just before everyone arrived I spotted this little gatecrasher eyeing off the bread ....

 ..... he was quite happy to pose for the camera, and stuck around for a while until my dogs spotted him and chased him away !!!
 It was such a nice afternoon, good company, good food and wine (I always forget to take more photos once everyone arrives) ..... but it was lovely, and my friend informs me she is off to New York for 2 months so that was exciting news, she's in the process of looking for accommodation, she did love this loft when I showed her (but if anyone has any tips on good places to rent let us know)

 Oh and it was nice to see the jasmine vine starting to bud .....

.... can't wait to smell it in full bloom soon !!!

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Friday, July 29, 2011

This beautiful photograph by Tony Amos .....

this bedroom ..... 
via here

.... and the pattern and colours on this little guy, isn't mother nature amazing !!!
via here

Really liking this space (especially the little eating nook) ....
via here

Just ordered a copy of this magazine ........ 
thanks to this lovely blogger.

 I just came across this blog, Whole Larder Love  .....
this duck and wild mushroom risotto looks amazing ....

..... think I may have to give it a try.

This book came highly recommended by Olga Bennett
  ... just ordered a copy here (very good price too),
Can't wait !!!

This looks nice .....
via here

 and I'm really liking  
these shots on The Blue Hour  .....

.... and I love this !!!
 via here

Hope you have a great weekend ....
any plans ?

Edward At The Holiday House

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Edward At The Holiday House

Me: "Edward, do you want to go down to the dock and watch the sunset?"
Edward: "Um, not yet. I'm telling you, there's something up this fireplace!"


Loving these hand painted faux woodgrain bike frames .... you send your frames in and Rob will custom paint them for you....
now all I need is a bike ....

 and this is a kids version ....

 ..... and this is Rob.
found via here


Wednesday, July 27, 2011
 We had a little change around of my daughters room on the weekend, starting with a move of the bed and desk (amazing what a different feel it gives the room) ....
..... then a bit of  much needed de-cluttering and book sorting.

 We framed this Twiggy poster, I found it half hanging off a telegraph pole on my weekend in Melbourne (I think it was an ad for a beautician or something) It was a bit scrunched and damaged but I kind of like that and it's a nice reminder of a fun weekend.

We hung these rails (I think they are actually tea towel rails) .... but they are great to hang clothes on ....

.... and my Scotty dog also got a new home (you may remember him lit up at the end of this post).....
I think he likes it !!!

Thanks for all the comments letting me know the poster was Twiggy, I wrongly wrote it was Edie Sedgwick  ... all fixed now !!!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011
 I really love the feel of these photographs by Foster Huntington on his blog A Restless Transplant .....

..... Foster also recently started the The Burning House
and his own home was featured here


What a lovely peaceful looking space, love the floorboards, huge window, doors and shade .... just wish I could peek inside !!!
via here

The Black Gate

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Black Gate

It has been years since I strolled down this pathway. All around and above me the muscular arms of live oaks are frozen in ballet poses no dancer could achieve. Their gnarled and bony roots, perhaps curious about life above ground, have broken through the pavement - I tread carefully over rolling waves of concrete. From the secret gardens of storybook homes the trees call out to be noticed, waving dusty hankies of moss as I pass.
 But I will not be distracted today.
Just as I put out my hand to hold back a gregarious palm frond, I see it. The black gate. But what’s this? It’s open? And where is the handwritten sign that usually swings from from the burnt rusted lock ?
Curious, I allow my eye to trespass beyond the gate and into the overgrown garden, curving and winding till it reaches the rickety porch. No one there. The house, long past its once glorious prime, sits forlorn in this sweltering heat of July - no hand to slap open its rusty screen door, no breeze to dance with the porch swing. And no sign of the lady who once serenely presided over this shaded Southern veranda.
Well really, what did I expect? She must have been nearly ninety the last time I saw her, when we’d smiled to each other as I passed under the oaks. The colour of the richest chocolate, she was clad in a white linen dress, and the sign that swung on her painted black gate read,
“Porch Conversations. $1.00”.

I always planned to push that gate open one hot afternoon, put down my dollar and settle in for a chat. We would eschew the usual topics of weather and politics, and talk only of butterflies, cloud castles and pie. I might discover she’d descended from kings. She might find out all my secrets.
But it always happened that each time I passed by, I seemed to be wandering off elsewhere - to lunch, to the beach, to the antique shop on the corner. So we simply smiled and nodded as I made my way past, never knowing my path would lead to the day of no second chances, to the morning of the vacant porch.
I sigh.
I rather think we would have liked each other.

So perhaps as a tribute to the friend I might have known, I’ll hang a similar sign on my front gate when I’m old:

“Porch Conversations. $1.00.
Come talk to me now.
 I won’t be here for long.


 A new drawing found (for next to nothing) on etsy .... I really like it framed.

 Some gorgeous friends came for dinner on Saturday night, so nice after such a rainy, yucky week "Friend Therapy" I like to call it !!!

 The blossoms I bought last weekend are still going strong ....

..... blossoms are good like that !!!

 These very yummy walnut tarts made by my daughter, made with spelt wholewheat flour, almond meal and other very good things, perfect with strong coffee (that was my Saturday breakfast) .....

 ..... and cuddles with this little guy, he's feeling the cold a bit more this winter.

It really was so nice to see the sun come out over the weekend after a very wet week .... here's hoping for a bit more ....
Hope you had a nice weekend.