Celebration, and Something Special

Friday, July 1, 2011

This sunny month of June marks three whole years since I first began writing From The House of Edward. That summer I was utterly convinced each post would be my last - certain that each idea was the final idea, each inspiration the concluding one. When I started, as you can easily tell from my profile photo, I hid behind Edward. Even if visitors were ambivalent towards me, I reasoned, they would all love him without question. But my readers were kind, and soon, surprisingly plentiful. Bit by bit, I began to feel more confident in sharing my writing with those I could not see - something I’d rarely done up until then. At first, I found your comments fairly startling. Not only did each one represent someone who was reading my work, but someone who cared enough about what they’d read to actually take the time to respond. And then the emails began. More detailed and more personal, I read each one of these with immense appreciation and gratitude. I still do.

Upon embarking on this journey, with Edward leading the way, little did I know what a sweet experience it would be. I had no idea that inspiration begets inspiration. I did not realize that by acknowledging and celebrating the wonders of everyday life, those wonders would gladly continue to reveal themselves to me - their words becoming clearer, their tunes much easier to hear. I would never have dreamed, three years ago, that through this blog that I write by my window, I would meet gracious and fascinating people from London to LA - people who would feel like old friends from the first moment we said hello. I would have giggled at the idea of perfect strangers sending me gifts through the mail, or someone in Paris thinking they’d seen Edward on the street and writing to make certain we were not in that city at the moment! But this blog has allowed all of this joy into my life.

I no longer fear each post will be my last. And I no longer hide behind Edward - we happily sit side by side, which is what he most prefers anyway. I am working on other forms of writing now, and there is even talk about publishing some of this blog in gift book form, both of which hold exciting, and a bit scary, possibilities. It has always been my attention to have From The House of Edward be a soft place to land for my readers - a place where you all could find beauty and a bit of the truth it affords. Honestly though, my readers have returned the favour a hundred fold by gifting me with a safe place to write and work out my ideas. Your kindness and enthusiasm has afforded me the freedom to do what I love to do, without fear and with increasing confidence. I owe you all my heartfelt thanks and hope you will continue on the journey with Edward and me.

As a token our our gratitude and in celebration of our anniversary,
Edward and I invite you into a bit of The House of Edward!
Turn the sound up,
and Enjoy!