Wednesday, July 13, 2011
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I didn't get to Metropolis bookstore on my last trip, so I made sure it was on top of the list this time. 

 I love the decor, it reminds me a lot of Ariel Books  in Sydney ....

....  and such the great location on the 3rd floor of Curtin House, I could literally browse for hours ....
(that's my friend purchasing her books)

.... I bought this Tracey Emin book, which should be a good read.

 The entry to Curtin House ....

.... and the stairs up to Metropolis, Curtin House is such a wonderful building with such a great history .....
 besides Metropolis, there is also Collectors Corner record store, Someday and Búl ... there is even a Kung Fu Academy.

I loved exploring the building ....

..... and climbing the stairs to the rooftop, a little chilly this time of year but well worth it for the view ... there were a brave few enjoying the outdoor bar and in summer it hosts markets, live music and a rooftop cinema.
 It felt very New York ....

..... I really need to get back in the summer !!!

We also did a bit of browsing through a few other stores in the city, mostly window shopping, unfortunately I didn't make it to Captains of Industry this trip or Comeback Kid 
 which both come highly recommended by my favorite local.
There really just weren't enough hours in the day.

  We did return to Curtin House that evening for a meal and a drink at Cookie, great atmosphere, super adorable waiter and the best Thai food I have had in a long time, my favorite was the Thai sausage with ginger and cucumber, soooo yummy !!!
 pic via here

pic via here
Then we braved the cold and strolled back to the hotel with a warming drink stop at  Seamstress .....

Seamstress Cocktail Bar

Seamstress Cocktail Bar
.... lots of stairs, but I braved my veritgo and was glad I did (although I don't know how people manage the climb down after a few too many drinks !!!
pics via here

So after a wonderful Melbourne day and night I hit the pillow one tired but very happy girl !!!