Wednesday, June 15, 2011
I've just started doing Yoga again .... I always start, then something happens and I don't keep it up.
But this time, so far so good, thanks to a DVD, I love classes but I just find it easier to fit in at home .... sometimes I only do half an hour, sometimes an hour but I must say every time I do I feel "AMAZING" .... so energized and stretched and I really do end up getting so much more done.

If I was lucky enough to live in Paris I think I could manage to drag myself to
Kia Naddermier's classes here (isn't the studio divine) .....

There are also these little interviews with some students who attend the classes.

I do have this little guy keeping a close eye on my moves at home (he watches every move) ..... and sits on my stomach if I lay down long enough.