Wednesday, June 1, 2011
 OK I have not been this excited for someone since I don't know when ... the lovely Greer from Fall Into The River and her equally lovely friend Karine just had a little holiday in ... ta da .... Brooklyn !!!
If you are a regular reader of 16 HOUSE you will know it is my favorite place, 
(even though I haven't actually visited yet, I just know OK) .....
 .... anyway, Greer just posted the first part of her trip here on her blog.
Don't you just love the loft where they stayed (I actually got butterflies looking at all the pics) ....
make sure to click on the images for a better look

The lovely Greer

.... and be sure to check out there cute little video on the roof top, Greer is doing the cutest excitement twirls ... there are some pics on Karine's blog too.
So thanks Greer and Karine for sharing (it was the next best thing to being there) ...
... just wish I could have been there doing excitement twirls too.