Friday, April 15, 2011
This beautiful painting by Olivier Rouault ......
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.... and this space.
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This dog portrait .... 
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 .... and this amazing bridge by Dorie Millerson, so beautiful.
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 This sign, I want to be an unattended child !!!
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 This all white look ....
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This very, very beautiful hotel in Barcelona.
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 I've always loved these Rob Brandt crumpled cups (such a classic) ....
.... now there is a glass version, (you can buy them in a set of 6) I really, really want some ....

.... and speaking of classics, this circa 1967 living room ..... proof that good design really does stand the test of of time !!!
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(more about the owners here)
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These recipes (perfect weekend entertaining food) ....

.... and I thought this video of these twins talking to each other was pretty funny .... love all the hand gesturing !!!
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Happy Weekend