Monday, March 21, 2011
This is the home of Brussels based designer  Christiane Högner
I have admired her work for a while now so it was nice to see where her and her lovely little family actually live ....

I adore this room, her Arne Jacobsen chairs are real and her table is Ikea,  loving the french doors and parquetry floors .... and the shade.
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here are a few extracts from this interview, Christiane has such a great design philosophy ...

" To spend an afternoon in the apartment she and Lommée share with their brand-new baby daughter, Emilia Luz—-a rented flat resplendent with repurposed flea-market treasures, appliances rescued from the trash heap, and Högner’s own creations-—is to rethink everything you’ve ever bought to decorate your home with, not to mention what you’ve thrown out."

"We are both suffering from an overflow of things,” explains Högner. “Living in a rich country, in Europe, in the Western world, we have so much stuff. The idea is: What is useful? What is useless? What is too much?"


She still has the prototype of her "One For All" storage system in her home ...
  they are actually old plastic crates used in Europe to transport croissants and loaves of bread. She first noticed the latticed boxes  nearly a decade ago, walking by local bakeries.

“I like to take things that are not usually used in a living environment,” she says, then pauses to reflect. “It’s not so much fun to go to a shop that sells furniture. It’s too easy.”

 The couples office is located just around the corner from their apartment.

Christiane's cushioned sofa is one of my favorite designs ....

and I love these "Dad Pillows" made from old shirts.
See more of Christiane's work here.
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