A Brand New Season.... A List For Fall

Friday, September 14, 2012

A Brand New Season
A List for Fall

At the turn of the seasons, it’s safe to assume none of us could ever be as fortunate as the Banks family of Number Seventeen Cherry Tree Lane, London.  Living next door as they did to Admiral Boom, they were always kept well apprised of a change in the wind.  A retired sea captain, the Admiral maintained a rapier watch on the weather from the roof of his blue Victorian, sounding a cannon in the event of significant changes, particularly when they were dramatic enough to blow Mary Poppins down from the sky, one hand confidently grasping her talkative parrot head umbrella as she floated down through the grey clouds over London. Of course, he also fired that cannon everyday at noon, the novelty of which would have seriously worn off by the time Miss Poppins arrived, I have no doubt.  
But had he been around today, I’m quite sure Saturday’s sunset would have set Admiral Boom to bellowing.  For it was a sunset like few others, a sunset that saw the smoke-coloured clouds of a final summer storm pushed away to the east by the unseen hands of the first cool winds of autumn.  I stood stock still on a hillside and watched it happen.  In less than thirty minutes, those winds lifted the heavy blanket of the last sweltering day and blew it off into history.  The early evening sky turned to the colours of fall, flame orange and golden.
It was dramatic.
It was glorious.
I ran inside and threw open each window as wide as I could. 
 If I’d had a cannon like old Admiral Boom, I’d have set it off with a laugh.
  My favourite time of the whole of the year is now here and there is so much to look forward to. 
 Here’s a list of just a few of the treats I’ve recently discovered in celebration of this brand new season of fall!

 1. Mary Poppins Weathervane
Well, how perfect is this? 
 Next best thing to the Admiral, I’d say.
Find it HERE.

2. Colourful Wooden Spoons
Though I am a enthusiastic baker any time of the year, I think I love it most in autumn. 
The whole house is redolent with the fragrances of cinnamon, nutmeg, apples, and cloves. 
Soup simmers.  Bread rises.
  It makes me happy just to think of all the time I’ll be spending in my kitchen these next few chilly months.  
As I like to collect spatulas and wooden spoons, these caught my eye.
Aren’t they great?
Find them HERE
3. The Perfect Fall Teapot
I mean, really!
Could there be a better teapot for an autumn afternoon?
Find it HERE

4. Love This Bracelet!
It’s wooden!
Find it HERE

5. Pencils
One of the best lines Nora Ephron ever wrote about the deliciousness of autumn...
“I’d like to buy you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils”. 
I know exactly what she meant. 
As someone who cannot seem to resist all manner of school supplies when September arrives, I went out last week and bought several boxes of freshly sharpened black pencils and arranged them like flowers in an antique Weller Woodland vase that sits by my favourite chair. 
They make me smile.
Get Some For Yourself HERE.

6. New Magazines
There is a delightful new trend in magazine publishing just now.
  Put together by writers and artists of the first order, these quarterly issues are printed on beautiful paper and feature writing and photography that celebrate creativity and domesticity.  
You’ll want to keep each issue, they’re like wonderful little books.
  Here are three of the best...

The folks at Kinfolk describe themselves as “a growing community of artists with a shared interest in small gatherings”.
 The magazine celebrates this aesthetic beautifully with exquisite photography and excellent writing.
See More HERE

A magazine “for the creative and curious... to spark the imagination and inspire creativity”
See more HERE

“Celebrating local living through writing, photography and the arts, both fine and domestic” 
 Wonderful stories around a central theme for each issue, with poetry and recipes included.
See more HERE

7.  The Eye Has To Travel
The incomparable Diana Vreeland.
I cannot wait for this film!
See the trailer HERE.


                                                             8.  Love This Bear!
I probably should have saved this till Christmas,
 but I simply couldn't resist sharing this adorable bear with you.
My heart just melts.
His name is Frosty and he comes with a little snowman friend named George.
I think I'm in love.
Could it be that he reminds me of Edward?
Find Him HERE

9. A Favourite Fall Photo
Finally, this photograph of Paul and Linda just makes me happy.
It seems to capture how I feel about fall.
Sun on my face, sweaters, boots, beards, animals, a mug of tea, and love. 

An Autumn Book List Coming Next!
Plus .... some really big news, really soon!
Stay Tuned!