Saturday, March 17, 2012
 We just a had a lovely few days staying in the city .... it was my daughter Meg's 18th birthday on Friday (can't believe my baby is 18 !!!) ...... anyway, she said she didn't want "things" for her birthday she wanted experiences, so we saw This is Our Youth
on Wednesday night, drank lots of coffee here, saw some films at

but the highlight had to be seeing Jane Birkin .... (excuse the bad quality of the photo)
she was so amazing, first we saw a little documentary "Souvenirs of Serge" which Jane had made from her own super 8 films, so personal and so beautiful then she did a Q & A after, she was so "real" so unpretentious, so gracious, we were totally captivated and left feeling very happy and very inspired  .....
 ..... on our walk home (well, our home away from home, you may remember it from this post ) we saw this dress in a shop window, it was so lovely and such a perfect "turning 18 dress" that I did have to break the "no things" rule .....
so the next day (her actual birthday) we went and bought it ....
 it will always have such lovely memories attached to it,
 it can be her "Jane Birkin Birthday dress" !!!
It really was a lovely few days, we had a nice family dinner Friday night and have been catching up with family and friends over the weekend  ....
 which has been so special,
just like my girl 

Oh and we have one more "experience" this Wednesday, we are seeing this band .... should be a nice way to top off a lovely birthday week !!!