Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Just Don’t Know....

I have never been one to appreciate groups.  I see individuals banding together under banners and signs, tight little clutches of the like-minded, wearing buttons, spouting slogans, and I begin to squirm like my dress is too tight.  Cliques, clubs, and labels?  For me, they represent too small a leap to pigeonholes, boxes and  prisons.    I wrote about this in more detail and with a nod to what might, just perhaps, be the genesis of my awareness of this part of my personality once before, here.
 Visiting some of my favourite blogs recently has cause me to think about this anew.  I find some of them to be so well-organized ... their blogrolls put together with all of the confederated blogs lined up neatly under appropriate headings.  I look over the sections and realize that my little blog really fits nowhere at all.  I sigh.  Although I started this endeavour as an offshoot of my interior design business, I soon found it to be such a delightful escape from that, that I packed my knapsack and began wandering down a multitude of divergent paths.   I soon rediscovered my love of writing, a love ignored for far too long, left to twiddle its rosy thumbs underneath the sketchbooks and fabric swatches atop my cluttered desk, wondering if I would notice it ever again.
So now, even though I sometimes write about interior design, that is certainly not the focus of this blog.  I write about books and the occasional film, but not exclusively.   I write about food and fashion, flowers and birds, Edward and hoot owls and ... crickets.  
But what, pray tell, am I?
Where exactly do I fit?
Does it matter?
Probably not.
If only there was a category for eccentrics.