Tuesday, April 13, 2010

After The Rain

Though I had sailed too far inside my dreams to notice, it must have rained in the night.  As I step onto the deserted beach this morning, the evidence is clear, each tiny raindrop has left its impression, transforming the carpet of sand underneath my barefeet into a tufted tapestry the colour of buttermilk.
The sun has opened his brilliant eye just above the horizon, sending a million white-robed saints to follow his gaze out over the shimmering water, a glowing triangle of light that causes me to shield my eyes under the palm of my hand.
Mother Nature’s jewelry box lies wide open at my feet, revealing an array of shell-shaped ornaments,  glistening like abalone, opalescent baubles that sing of the sea.  I greedily pocket my favourites.
It is the anniversary of another personal voyage around this shining sun; the birth of my very own new year, and with the crash of each wave, this magnificent setting seems to demand from me serious thought, ruminations on where I have been and where I might wish to go - my plans and hopes for this fresh year that stretches out like an uncharted pathway before me, with no footprints or raindrops yet marking its sand.
 But just now, at this moment, I feel a distraction from these heady thoughts; an insistent stare from a pair of honey brown eyes, a stare that overides all other feelings, a stare intent on conveying to me only one thing. 
Play. With. Me. 
And I realize I can think of no better wish at the dawn of this year than one full of laughter and play. 
Just a four season romp in the sunshine with those whom I love. 
A long carefree morning after the rain.
A happy birth day indeed.

"The Stare"


Thanks so very much to all of you for your sweet birthday wishes.
  They were a treat to find upon my return. 
 I have the most wonderful readers!