Monday, October 20, 2008

There are just so many sweet souls out there in the ether, otherwise known as the blogosphere. Sweet souls that leave me charming, affirmative comments, send me kind and humbling emails, give me awards, and tag me for interesting questionnaires. Sometimes I feel quite lame in answering... I know some do get past me! Blame it on an artist’s quirky, head in the clouds, schedule. But please know that I do appreciate you all very much! I think of Patricia over at PVE Design, who spontaneously painted the lovely portrait of Edward that now hangs proudly in my library. Thank you, thank you Patricia! You are a wonderful talent, and thoughtful beyond measure. I think of others of my amazing artist friends at
Middle of Nowhere, The Hermitage, 29 Black Street, Sarah Laurence, Oakmoon, A Fanciful Twist, Beading at the Beach.....who sent me a beautiful handmade pendant out of nowhere, Moonlight and Hares, Sea Angels, Dog Daisy Chains, Acorn Moon.....I could go on and on.
My oh, so talented fellow interior designers
The House of Beauty and Culture ,Cote de Texas, Katiedid, Architect Design, My Notting Hill, and All the Best. The wonderfully eclectic, always interesting, and so welcoming, landing pads that are Life at Willow Manor, The Weaver of Grass, Letters From A Hill Farm, Garden Delights, The Dutchess, About New York, Cait O’Connor, etc, etc... And my most favorite fashion blog, better than any magazine...Observation Mode. For more great sites to visit, check out my ever-expanding blog roll. All these and many more make my reading and writing experiences here so rewarding, so inspiring, and just plain fun.
So, to honor all your kindness to both Edward and myself, I am doing my very first give-a-way. This little Halloween Keepsake Box, shown above, will be sent to one of you wonderful souls. Edward will help me with the drawing on Thursday night at one before midnight, and we'll announce thw winner Friday morning. To enter, please just comment on this particular post!
Happy Halloween to you all!