Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Story of Edward

I have been receiving questions about Edward so while I am working on some new keepsake boxes to post, he has requested that I fill you all in on more information about him. Edward is four years of age and came to live with us when he was about eleven months old. He was adopted from a wonderful no kill shelter and appears to be almost a 50/50 mix of a Chow-Chow and a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier. The shelter had rescued him from a local animal control facility where he was taken in as a stray after heing on the streets long enough to be pretty dirty and matted and where he was just two days away from being euthanized! It had taken us a year and a half to get over losing our previous dog and we were just starting to think about adopting when late one evening after a big Christmas party here at our home, my husband was perusing the web when he saw Edward’s photo up on the rescue shelter’s website. He called me in and just sat there in front of the computer pointing silently at the screen. Well. One look, and we were smitten. We immediately emailed for an adoption application, which turned out to be almost as dense as those required to get into Harvard. When they emailed us back, we were told that Edward had already been adopted by a family who wanted a second dog to go with the one they had earlier adopted, but that they would keep us posted in case the two dogs didn’t get along. About a week later, just a few days before Christmas, the shelter called to tell us that the other dog simply would not accept a companion and Edward was to return to the shelter that afternoon. “Would we like to meet him?” Well needless to say, about two hours later the three of us were on our way to Orvis to purchase the best dog bed available. Edward walked into our home, ate his dinner, and fell asleep in front of the Christmas tree. He was home. Edward is a true gentleman who brings delight to everyone he meets. A few months after he moved in we adopted a little sister for him, a ten week old puppy that had been born at animal control, a furry girl with large paws and even larger ears. Her name is Apple and she is a complete joy and Edward’s very best friend. Edward and I will post a photo of her soon. We are now a happy family of four and we all highly recommend adopting pets from shelters! They are true treasures.
"There now, Edward. They know more about you. Happy?"