Bits And Bobs Of Fun

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bits and Bobs of Fun

Some books are too big.
Some books are too small.
But, some books are just right!
Photo above: Edward caught napping on the definitive biography of The Brontes.


You can now follow Edward and me on Twitter.
Who knows what we’ll get up to?!
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This book is just wonderful!
Like a fairy tale.

Daniel Radcliffe, singing and dancing... who knew?!
Watch it till the end, you’ll be cheering, and wishing you’d decided to be a Broadway performer.
I wonder if it’s too late for me to audition for the part of that woman in the red suit?
See it HERE.

I’m looking forward to this movie!
If I can’t make it to Paris this summer, this might just be the next best thing!
See the trailer HERE

I can’t help myself.
But no, I won’t be wearing it.

Also, I’ve had several letters about the little stone cottage that I put in my garden and wrote about HERE.
You can find it HERE.
No email ordering, just call the phone number on the website.

"Hey, who woke me up?"