To Remind Us Of May

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

To Remind Us of May

Half asleep, I see it, dancing on my bedroom wall like a Neverland fairy. Drifting up from the pool of clear water now shimmering in the old stone birdbath outside of my window, a reflection, a tiny flower bed of light, is waltzing like a figment just below my ceiling. It swirls and twirls, a hypnotist’s dream, and I know without doubt something’s strange. Winter light never behaves in this fashion, not even on Sundays. I throw back the blankets and Edward looks up, yawning, from his place at the foot of the bed. I run to the windowseat, where Apple is snuggled down, to pull back the lace curtain and peer out to the garden.
Bright sun.
Brilliant sun.
Shining from a sky so blue it could be a mirage.
A blue bird is splashing in the bath down below, no frozen water today. Sighing and swaying, the bare trees slowly stretch out their winter numb limbs in the warmth of this oddly timed breeze.
None of us are asking why.
None of us are waiting.
We head out to the forest as fast as we can, to walk in this glorious gift of a day. No boots and no coats, not a hat to be seen, we push up our sleeves and lift our faces to the sun.
The snows are forgotten.
We remember Spring.
We are not yet too old to be surprised.
Soon, as we know, Mother Nature will look down and be shocked at her lapse, sending grey icy winds to wrap round our days once again. But how grateful we are her attention was elsewhere on this wonderful, beautiful gift of a day.
And, during this shortest and coldest of months in the year, we will hold this day in our pockets.
A talisman to remind us of May.