Edward and Bigfoot

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Edward and Bigfoot

Edward is a dog who sleeps on my feet when it’s cold.
He stands at the window and waits for me to arrive home safely, as the photo above clearly shows. 
 He is a fellow who goes with me everywhere, is enthusiastic and cheerful about everything, and makes me laugh everyday. 
Edward would defend me to the end. 
 So please bear this in mind as you read my latest......

It was the day before Halloween and I had come to the pet store with a list.  In this, the tenth year of my tenure as Neighbourhood Dog Show organizer, (something for which I blame Sister Parish) it was my responsibility to put together the winning basket for the soon to be crowned Top Dog.  So I gathered up gourmet biscuits shaped like ghosts and jack-o-lanterns to go with the big blue ribbon and golden trophy I’d had engraved, and headed over to the toy aisle.  
Let’s see, would it be the fat grey whale that made glugglug sounds when bitten in just the right place?  
Or maybe the hedgehog that grumbled.
  Or wait.... what was that?  
Over in the corner sat a furry black monster of sorts, with a toothy, malevolent grin on his face.  His tag informed me that his name was Bigfoot.  He squeaked appropriately, and to my delight, I discovered that when one of his long arms was pulled, the corresponding leg got shorter, and when one of his legs was pulled, the corresponding arm... well you get the idea.  Needless to say, he was perfect.  I purchased my loot and headed for home, tickled with the bounty the winner was due to receive.

Still with much to do before the Dog Show next day, I threw my shopping bags on the red damask chair in my office, and sat down to catalog the fifteen contestants.  I soon became aware of a slight rustling sound behind me.  Turning to look, I spied Edward, well, part of Edward, as he was standing up on the chair, with his big white head submerged deep inside the red shopping bag wherein sat the Bigfoot toy.  Now, in his defense, Edward loves toys.  He really does.  He carries them around with him.  He employs them as pillows during his long afternoon naps.  Without prompting, he  brings them in from the back garden at dusk, lest they get ruined by inclement weather.  I’m not kidding.  But this was not meant to be his toy.  He hadn’t even seen it, hidden as it had been inside the bag on the chair.  But somehow, he knew it was there.  I stood up hurriedly to snatch Bigfoot away but, as his head slowly rose from the depths of the shopping bag - Bigfoot held securely in his jaws - Edward cut his big brown eyes my way and I knew I was licked.  Edward would have his Bigfoot and I could see myself, clearly, driving home from a return visit to the pet shop later that night, with a hedgehog that would remain in the car until showtime.

I ask you, what would you have done?