Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Flowers In Our Hair

With a nod of apology to my gentlemen readers, I have to say that being a girl in the month of June is such a delightful thing.  Our bubble baths are scented with jasmine now -  we paint our toenails pink.  We can smell like Lily of the Valley all the day long if we wish and sometimes, just sometimes,
we wear flowers in our hair. 
Which dress to wear, whether high heels or flats, hair worn up or down - all these feminine decisions seem lighter than air during the sparkling month of June.  
And, whilst I may be well past the age required to properly appreciate the charms of Justin Bieber, I can still get a girly thrill over the discovery of the perfect grey eyeshadow or that one divine lotion that smells like the sea.  
So, I thought I would share with you a top ten of my favourite beauty tips for the summer months.  And I would love to hear some of your own. 
(Sorry all you fellows out there, I’ll be back to more inclusive posts later!)  
Here goes:

1.  Vincent Longo Gel Stain - A fabulous alternative to the heavier look of lipstick, this lipstain lasts all day and looks like you just happened to wake up with the ruby red lips of Snow White.  I often put it on as a base for a darker lip.  It comes in several lovely shades, and is perfect for the summer months.


2.  C. O. Bigelow’s Lemon Hand Wash - I keep this by my kitchen sink all summer.  It smells like freshly sliced lemons and makes my hands extra soft.  Love, love it! 
So reasonably priced, too.


3.  Mario Badescu Facial Spray - After a long walk with Edward in the morning humidity, I head straight for this!  Unbeliveably refreshing, this facial spray is full of wonderful ingredients like aloe, herbs and rosewater.  I simply close my eyes and spray!  Instantly cool, instantly fresh, and good for your skin to boot.


4.  Rahua Shampoo - Those of us with long hair know that not all shampoos are equal.   I am always looking for something better.  I like to alternate shampoos every few months or so  - Philip B and Terax are favourites - but I recently started using Rahua Shampoo and I adore it. Organic, with a subtle fragrance, it seems to really nourish my hair and it will be my summer shampoo.


5.  Benefit Eye Gel - This stuff is great.  Just a teensy little dab under your eyes in the morning and you are instantly depuffed!  It feels wonderful - cool and tingly - and is full of good things like chamomile and raspberry extract.  And whilst it may not give me the eyes of a twelve year old, I can certainly tell the difference.  I keep mine in the refrigerator for a bit of extra coolness.  It feels marvelous.


6.  L’Aromarine Bubble Bath - I suppose I would buy from this company for their beautiful glass jars alone, so it is a bonus that the fragrances of L’Aromarine products are so delicious.  Of course, long after the bubble bath is gone, the lovely decorated jars remain.  They have a fabulous ocean scent - my favourite.


7.  Neutrogena Sun Block - Yes, I am serious about sun protection and wear sun block every day of my life.  This is a great one by Neutrogena.  With an SPF of 110, it also has a built-in moisturizer.  Every day, every single day.


8.  Fresh Fruit and Vegetables - They are everywhere now... no excuses for crummy diets!


9.  Sleep - Studies continue to say we do not get nearly enough.  
Why do we feel guilty about sleeping longer? 
We need it!


10.  And of course.... sometimes, just sometimes, partiularly in June, 
Flowers in my hair.  

And remember....

"Lipstick is not just for looking glamorous;it can be used to signal for help on windows and other surfaces." 
 Nancy Drew