Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Two of Us

I had left the party and wandered alone, down to the garden. Following a path where the rhododenrons linked their arms of fuschia overhead, I came to a clearing where the mock orange grew.   
And that’s when I saw him, his cottonball of a tail shining diamond white in the sinking shadows of the Spring night.  
We looked at each other for the longest time, the baby rabbit and I.  His pink nose twitching, his little foot tap-tapping like a card player wondering which card to play next.   The two of us, he so wild, me fairly domesticated, locking eyes in our curiousity and wonder. 
I spoke to him gently but he scampered away, under the border and off into the wood.   
 What would he say to his family about me? 
That I was so strange, far too tall, and too pale? 
Or perhaps, just perhaps, that he recognized something within me - something kindred, something free.  
That he wondered about the bonds that held me in my place. 
That he wondered why I did not follow him.

The wonderful rabbit painting above is by artist, Amber Alexander.  Along with many other marvelous creatures, he is available in her Etsy shop, HERE.