Wednesday, December 30, 2009

She Rests

One blonde.

Two weeks.

Three tall trees decorated.

Four large batches of homemade fudge.

Five green garlands draped.

Six dozen homemade cookies.

Seven Etsy sales, wrapped and shipped.

Eight arrangements of red and orange roses.

Nine fir wreaths hung in the windows.

Twelve handmade Christmas boxes.

Fourteen knitted garments for gifts.

Thirty-six gaily wrapped packages.

One hundred seventy-five handmade Christmas cards.

And now,

she rests.

In monogramed pajamas with her hair piled up high. With a seductive stack of new books at her elbow and hot cider simmering on the stove. A brand new Mac is being hooked up....from a most generous Santa Claus who knows she’s been good. Somewhere down the hallway, a Songwriter is playing a new ukelele, happy music drifting through the cottage rooms, the sound punctuated with occasional squeaks from a dog toy or two... for Santa was good to them all.

But still,

she rests.

Read and doze, nibble and nap, curl up, stretch out.

Watch The Man Who Came to Dinner and The Bishop’s Wife one more time.

Daydream and sleep. Relish the novelty of a vacant mind.

A movie? Dinner out?

Maybe later.

Painting by Victor Gabriel Gilbert

*****Hey, a question for my kind readers. With the arrival of my new Mac, the size of the type here on my blog looks bigger.

Is that a good thing for you all, or not? Weigh in with your opinion, do!*****