Wednesday, July 23, 2008
The Story Of Apple

I have been getting requests for photos and information about Edward’s best friend and housemate, the illustrious Apple. Fellow dog-lover, Susan, over at 29blackstreet was especially enthusiastic in her desire to make Apple's acquaintance and wondered if we were keeping her under wraps for a reason! Actually, truth be told, Apple is more my husband’s furry shadow plus, being black as night and always on the go, she is more than a bit difficult to photograph. But rest assured, she is a sweet and beautiful girl, and we are fiercely proud of her.

When Edward came to live with us, he was just under one year old. We enrolled him in a training class, mainly for socialization purposes, and noticed immediately how much he loved the off-leash playtime with all the other dogs. He would run around this big indoor arena, batting dogs with his front paws, jumping and rolling with utter glee. We had always been a one dog household, but seeing this we knew what we would have to do. Get Edward a friend. So, the search began. We found Apple at the same rescue shelter as Edward. She had been born at animal control and the shelter had rescued her mother and siblings from there, fostering the puppies until they were old enough to be adopted out. We arrived at the shelter just before closing on a cold adoption day in March. Apple was the last of the puppies left from her family, and I was allowed to hold her. Cashmere soft fur, extravagant ears, and jumbo sized paws, with a snow white bit of fur on her chest and chin. I ask, what would you have done? We brought Edward in to meet her and Apple was totally enthralled by him. She bonded immediately with Edward, who rode home with her as if he’d known her all his young life. While cooking dinner that night, I turned around to see both dogs asleep on the kitchen floor, Apple’s little ebony head on Edward’s big white paw. They have been the best of friends ever since.

The photo above was taken when she was four months old and enjoying sitting in my lap at my rather messy desk. Now that she is grown, Apple appears to be some sort of amalgamation of sheepdog materials with a soupcon of terrier added to the mix. She has a copious, glorious coat and has conveniently grown to be the same size as Edward. She is a dog that is always curious, always cheerful. She never goes anywhere at a stroll, she is always moving at a trot, or running full out, with something definite on her mind. She sleeps on her back and loves green beans. We adore her. It is such a treat to watch Edward and Apple play together, nap together, eat together, go on trips with us together, and challenge the garden squirrels together.
We will never be a one dog household again.